Castello di Amoroso

A castle with a moat around

Acres surrounded by vines

Silently waiting to be found

In celebration- my Love and I

The walls of stone so strong

Each stone placed with such care

The builders labored long

On this castle strong and fair

We walked into a world Olde

Transported through time and space

Into the charm we did unfold

It seemed to his parents’ birthplace

A place of architectural rhyme

All of it seems to mirror

This sweet marriage of mine

As the water round so clear

The entrance to my heart

Guarded to all others but him

Friends and family then welcomed

Let the marriage ceremony now begin

Solemnly to the Chapel we begin our steady pace

Thoughtfully quietly, our hearts begin to race

There the vows to be taken, all yet of Olde

Generation to generation

The story of love again is told

This covenant between bride and groom

The promise bound by love

Friends and family fill the room

God and His angels look down from above

And now begins the feasting

To the great hall we make our way

The painting figures entreating

A blessing to us this joyous day

Up the stairs we wander

Year after Year passes by

We reach the turret yonder

“Look at the view!” - we cry

The vineyard not long planted

They’re going fast and strong

Surely God has granted


Our hearts song

We wander through the deep

Where the treasure is stored

In our hearts we keep

Dreams for our children to soar

Patiently, expectantly we wait

The vintage to fully mature

We tasted and we ate

A hint of what we are in for

The stairs to the highest turret

Were closed to us today

Just like the mysterious future

What will be, we cannot say

But we imagine from what we’ve seen

The view will be the best

Like our marriage, our children, our family

Will be nothing less than

Completely Blessed

Poem written May 19, 2008 After a beautifully romantic holiday with my love. Castle Virtual Tour

Published September 30, 2020 while mourning the loss of love and joy As the Glass Fire partially consumes Castello di Amoro's wine.

Our momento from our romantic holiday was this beautiful wine trunk. Angelo often filled it with his own vintage to generously and joyfully share with friends when celebrating life. Recently, I found three bottles we had purchased that day, hiding in his cellar. My heart aches to share them with him, realizing any day could be a special occasion. Praying even still, with so much heartbreak and loss, we'll toast to love and joy somehow, someday.