Cups and Crowns

You dug down deep

In the earthy clay of my heart

With your golden spade

Then moved the dust aside

Gently with your fingers

In the palm of your hand

You stirred and admired its contents

Seeing value in

The stardust I am made of


Without fear

You breathed your light into my darkness

You placed a sapling in the void

Carefully sifted and pressed me back into myself

Straightening and balancing the unseen

Like inner stitches meant to dissolve

When their work is done

You became my healing


The sapling has become

A blooming love crown

With heavenly patience you have waited

To ask if you may place it on my head

To embrace my every thought

You direct me to wear it with dignity

In this season

When blossoms echo

“ I am here…

I am here

I am life……

I am eternal life.”


"Come, sit, have a drink

Of the glass I have poured you

Half full"

Half full…..

I am a fish

Trapped in the half which is air

I am a butterfly

Drowning in the half which is water-

Gasping for air

Gasping for water

Half full is only suffering.”

“ You are a truth teller my love-

Half full is not always a comfort.

What if it were completely full or completely empty?”

Would I be a butterfly or a fish?“-My teary eyes smile.

Come my love, come and sit with our glasses half full. You always made me see my cup at least half full- more often overflowing. Thank you for filling an empty cup.“

My cup was broken, with no hopes of holding anything at all- With the glue of kept promises you brought the pieces together, then filled it continually.

And now…..

Where are you…….?

My cup seems so parched it might crack,

The scream within me might shatter it.”

Come, sit, have a drink of the glass I have poured you half full”

“But do you see the vast emptiness- do you feel it ? Hear it's silence?”

I do. I have waded in it with you.“

“It seems half full of poison

“Would I ever serve you poison?”

“No, no of course not.“

“Your pain has blurred your vision and your discernment between the cup I pour you and a cup of disregard and needless suffering you have been served without me. Don’t drink the toxicity, discard that poison. That’s not the cup I pour you.

Come, my love.

Look at the blushing color

Breathe in the fragrance

Taste the sweetness

Let the sound swirl in your soul

And let me touch your heart again

And pour my love into it


It is overflowing.”