Dear Sister

Dear Sister

How do you make your bed in the morning with such care?

Do you see the act as sacred-holy?

Would you if this evening he were not there?

The troubles of this world

which steal the truth and cause us pain,

Sneak into this holy space

Causing Heaven to refrain.

His breath, his warmth

The sweet security

Of his strong arms

And faithfulness to loving only me.

May my loss bless your own marriage

In tenderness and truth

Dear Sister

Seek out the sacred

In what belongs to only you.

My Dear Husband

What would you say to other husbands true?

Your eyes, your thoughts, your everything

Is hers, and she is all to you.

Tenderness and patience in the sacred place confess

Understanding for her gender

From time beginning oppressed.

Protect her thoughts, her heart, her body

Sleeping and awake

Determine to sacrifice yourself

Her innocence never take.

Know the increasing depth of what you share

Treasure every moment not expecting life will be “fair”