Gifts from the Sea poems

Archway of the Angels

Today I watched

The eternal sky

And the timeless ocean

Rage, in beauty and peace


I listened to

The waves splashing

And crashing

Their endless rhythm


A doorway

Carved carefully

From an enormous stone

Who calls the sea it’s home

Waited just for me


This mysterious portal

Too dangerous for a mortal

To pass through, was

Too mesmerizing to not wonder if

You are just beyond

The shadows

Waiting past the liquid lace


If only I could walk

On water

Under the arch which

Angels carved

For me to dream

Of your nearness


My heart


The whole expanse seemed to

Gather itself

To open this noble door

Just for me

Sand Dollars

The ocean has wept

Its lovingness forever

Emptiness tumbles in its tears

And waves of grief


Treasures are exhaled from its depths

Onto Shores

For children and those with childlike faith

To find and gather like priceless memories

Loving kindness to store in the treasuries of our hearts

When I was a little girl my Dad use to find shells at the beach, then hand them to me with a sly smile. He would always spot them first, it was his magic super power. Those sand dollars were priceless to me.

As besmitten newlyweds, our first puchase as husband and wife was made on our honeymoon- the most beautiful pearl colored shell. Another treasure which holds priceless memories within its echoing whispers.