Green Skies and Night

When everything I’ve ever known becomes the unfamiliar

When evening skies are green chartreuse

Changing my world to other hues

When waking colors of the morning are unfamiliar too

The Change is everywhere and touches everything

Making all I ever knew nothing as it seemed

Where are you in this reality where even the air is changed?

Where are you in this life completely rearranged?

Where are you when I cry for you in the long empty hours at night?

Where are you when I long for you to touch and hold you tight?

I’m in the places that God has planted me, quiet your soul and see.

I’m in the roots of His Vineyard, calling forth the fruit steadily.

I’m all around you working, glorious worship everywhere

Your peace and salvation ever in my heart's care

Wrapping you all securely from heaven still I pray

Smiling at the table at the end of each day.

I’m in the depths of your heart_

Our eternal souls never to part

I’m waving peace to you on the gentle wind

Where you can trust

My love for you will never end