How Long?

How long has it been since I saw you last?

A day, a week , three months, a year?

Time has become abstract, unreal

Immeasurable without you here

No thought of future, present IS past

Every moment so hard to bear

Numbing stinging pain is all I feel

The empty lifelessness of air

Even so, I’m awed by heavens vast

As I look to find you-where?

Into my soul you steal

As I receive my daily care

And somehow I find rest

Treasuring love, I dare

To hope passionately until

In paradise, I meet you there

My Savior I will see at last

And your sweet smile so fair

And we’ll rise from the place we kneel

Perfect peace beyond compare

Until then my love

My heavy heart will bear

A pain so deep it cannot heal

While I am forever grateful for a love so rare

With heaven's hope to see you still

August 15, 2020