Love Surrendered

Tonight our surrender flag

Hangs under the midnight stars

Blankly staring at my heart

Our dreamless bed unashamed

Tenderly waits to comfort me

As I wrestle with where to lay my head

And I remember ……..

That day you fell to the heights of Glory

My world turned upside down

When Providence changed our story

That day I cursed the ground

I hung the sacred snowy veil

Our bed sheets on the line

The call came, the prayers began

I gathered what we would need

And made myself look beautiful

For you

Waiting to know where you would be.

Trusting you would open your eyes,

And I would smile and say,

“I am right here beside you- everything is going to be OK”

While the angels prepared

For Paradise to receive you-

The cloth that held our last embrace

Was blown violently in the wind-

My desperate heart begged and pleaded

That your time with us would not end

Our children, they surrounded us

And kept an all night vigil

Weeping, praying, hoping

That our dreams with you would not die

While the cloth waived on our mountain top

And Heaven’s tears did not stop

And all the angels and Christ did cry

Knowing we would have to say goodbye

Every upward glance today

Billowing hearts fly across the sky

Whispering truth from The Sacred Book

Mercy cards, sent from on high

Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens

Your faithfulness reaches to the sky

You sent your Son to save us

and give us Life Eternal.


Loves pure light

My soul does attend and bless

A cloud

As I dream of your embrace



A surrender flag

Our bed sheets on the line

Whirl wildly in this place

While sunlight

and whispering wind


the shroud

that last touched your face

August 11, 2020