One White Peach

At sunrise I wake-

What do I do when half my heart is gone?

Run into the firey morning searching for love's embrace.

Beg the rose colored heavens

That this dawn he’d touch my face.

I weep at the thought of another day of asking countless times-

“Why? -

What now?-

How do I eat, sleep or dream when everything seems wrong?”

Every half uttered prayer, every question I begin

Is answered by great powerful gusts

And I’m rocked in your hammock by the wind

Heaven’s tiny messenger

A hummingbird

Approaches full of joy

He feeds on sweet locust clusters

Directly in my searching silent gaze

He’s drinking up the sweetness gratefully

Provided for him today

The church bells ring incessantly

Every moment a call to pray

These tears are so bitter Lord

It makes it hard to see

The gentle truth

Your Creation is soul singing

Just to me

Angelo, what would you have me do?

By example, surrendered.

What is the next step?


Extend grace and comfort


I’ve given you a way


Share our heart with our loved ones


It will all be ok.”

And the peace beyond comprehension

Began to flood my heart

And a strength that is beyond me

Carried us exactly to where we should start.

You let me pillow her head, and cool her in the heat

To her thoughts I listened,

And carried a message from heaven.

That you would be there if you could,

But you’re waiting with your Savior

She’s beautiful, and generous and selfless

And she’s done all that she should.

Then the strangest thing happened as she rested.

You gave me unexpected gifts,

Ones far beyond my reach.

With a friend, remembering magical times

I was suddenly walking on the beach.

And you bought me my favorite,

The most delicious white peach.

You walked me through each step

I never thought I’d take

By prompting me to do what you would

For someone else’s sake.

I can see the smile on your face,

Every moment now you shine,

From heaven I held your embrace,

While you reminded me that you are

And always will be, forever mine.

Dedicated to Lisa Maffia and My Angelo

August 16, 2020