The Secret of the Winter Rose

The last rose and I

We watch each other

As she reaches for the sky

I wait for her to open

She waits for me to cry

Deadly cold

Threatens to steal

Her abundant beautiful bloom

Timidly I cut her

And bring her to my room


Not knowing

If I’ve helped or


Her fate

Will she yet open

Or is it just too late?

The snow falls

My frozen breath asks why

Soundly the rose


“Don’t you see?

Myriads of diamonds

Falling from the sky.”

She opens wide the invitation

To the guest already come

Brilliant, sparkling

Prayers from Heaven


In the Son


She unfolds

Her many layers

The aroma fills my soul

In this winter

Tell your story

Of love and loss

And let Him make you whole

Release your soul

Expand your heart

Turn and seek His face

Let all your love burst forth

Share your priceless treasure

Radiant and true

Permeate your space

" Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because if the woman's testimony, ' He told me everything I ever did." John 5:31