Winter’s Silver Lining

I’ve told you I was afraid

Afraid to winter without you

Afraid of the cold

Of the dark

Of the frozen dormancy

The garden has been a daily comfort

Delicately drawing my soul

To contemplate

As blooms fragrantly share

The undeniable truth

They warmly declare

That beauty can still be found

Despite the sorrow to which I’m bound




They have spoken

A teacher's secret

To make the work of repetition

Enjoyable to the student

Memorization is achieved

The spell of Ignorance is broken

So that wisdom and knowledge

Can bring liberty

The chill moved over our mountain

We scurried to clear the outside

I waited for the last rose to bloom

Unwilling, Wrapped tight I brought her inside

Stormy darkness and steadfast light

Dancing intimately as it began to snow

Romancing, ignorant of my widowed fright

Unfolding drama as the skies put on a show

The children warmed us with a fire

I feel your presence handed down

Unfurled, the rose’s heart lifted me higher

Passing the baton to the heavens glorious crown

The sky displayed the majesty of God

Vignettes of silver lining

Joyful bursting heavenly clouds

Shared in the grayness of my pining

Discreetly the sky began its task

To instruct me every day

Of Beauty, compassion, peace and pain

United are here to stay

Serenity is to be found

Despite the tempest storm

Regardless of the winter cold,

Frightening blight or thorn.

Gentle compassion the teacher

As I await that glorious morn,

When winter is at last over

And Sonlight fills my eye

Together with you and our Savior

Never more to fear or cry

written 11/7/2020