A castle with a moat around

Acres surrounded by vines

Silently waiting to be found

In celebration- my Love and I

The walls of stone so strong

Each stone placed with such care

The builders labored long

On this castle strong and fair

We walked into a world Olde


When I see clipped flowers, something deep inside me desires to get them into water, so they can last as long as possible sharing their beauty, fragrance and joy. A bouquet sitting out of water is actually distressing to me, the vision translates to moments of joy being lost.

In the middle of t...

I woke today

Quite sure

There was nothing

To comfort my soul

The air has cooled

The blooms have too

The garden has slowed

And my heart still aches

Our rose vine

Is lying

In a tangled heap

Of blushed memories

Painfully Arched

In hopes

Of God knows what