photo 8/13/2018

“Not feeling better with time is normal “Megan Devine

Last I held you, love flowed between us.

Love is fluid.

Living, creating, weeping.

A year ago I was coming to terms with understanding that our home, is now my home. It seems so simple, but I remember how difficult...

14 months

I woke early this morning to attend jury duty. Last night I asked myself, “Can you do this? In the middle of the memories of “the week” that happened 14 months ago.”

“I think we can,”my mind told my heart.

While there, I visited with a familiar face, answered the question how I...

'O the summer time has come And the trees are sweetly bloomin' The wild mountain thyme Grows around the bloomin' heather'

Out harvesting brightly colored squash flowers in the early July morning, I watched intoxicated bees working in our daughter's garden. After snuggling inside the giant yell...

It’s 13 months today.

13 months since what feels like yesterday. I am watching and reading whatever I can find about nurses, doctors and end-of-life Doula‘s who have experienced the bedside of a person dying. This isn’t the first time that I’ve sought comfort scrolling through what is availabl...

Last March, the blossoms were bursting vibrant and lively, while our daughters and I baked and filled our home with the aroma of comfort that only home baked bread can provide. Music was enhancing our lives with opportunities for enjoyment and entertainment and fires were burning larger than li...

Hemmed in my heart

Threads of childhood

Bloom in humble blue

Delicately laced decay

An intricate skeleton

Weaves stillness

Into the air

Tender and fragile

Innocence holds

Song and

Dreams and

Home and


In a neglected bloom

A miniature meadow

Whispering praise...

Each “anniversary “, each month, though I determine not to, my heart, mind and soul process the days.

Writing and art happen, I watch and listen to God's creation, weeping and exhaustion are constant, while a deep longing and loving and life continues. Mostly I feel like I’m almost waking f...

When I see clipped flowers, something deep inside me desires to get them into water, so they can last as long as possible sharing their beauty, fragrance and joy. A bouquet sitting out of water is actually distressing to me, the vision translates to moments of joy being lost.

In the middle of t...

I woke today

Quite sure

There was nothing

To comfort my soul

The air has cooled

The blooms have too

The garden has slowed

And my heart still aches

Our rose vine

Is lying

In a tangled heap

Of blushed memories

Painfully Arched

In hopes

Of God knows what


This morning I wept in our shower

The downpour a trickle compared with my tears

My heart agonizing over being separated from you


Over past times of separation caused by immaturity, misunderstanding, my own foolishness or distraction are all real regrets that my conscience grieves

I ch...